About Us

Nearly two-thirds of Americans have friends or family members who have struggled with alcohol or other drug addictions. Clinical addiction treatment can be an important step to beginning recovery. However, treatment programs are often limited in their duration and only the first step in the process of recovery. Learning to cope with the daily challenges of employment, stable housing, legal issues and family and social relationships while building a healthy life in recovery takes longer and is easier and more successful with support from others who have been there too. That is where FAVOR Pee Dee comes in.

FAVOR Pee Dee was founded by a few visionary individuals who believed that recovery from substance use disorders can be available to everyone. That the shame and stigma of addiction can be eliminated through greater understanding. We are a grassroots, tax-exempt 501©3 organization supported by people who believe that through education, advocacy and recovery support services, we can watch these visions become realities; that our Pee Dee community can eliminate the shame and stigma of addiction through greater understanding. In our core, we believe that recovery can become available to everyone, regardless of income, nationality, gender or race. We have been actively working every day to make these beliefs into realities for the last ten years. We offer services and support in Florence, Darlington, Marlboro, Marion and Dillon counties.

Persons in recovery hold jobs, pay taxes, raise families and contribute to our communities. There are thousands of people in the Pee Dee area in recovery and thousands more who are seeking assistance. We are volunteers in recovery who have been actively working every day to support all persons who are seeking long-term recovery through education, recovery support services and advocacy.

Over the last ten years, we have seen progress in turning our beliefs into realities.

  • With the help of our advocacy and action, the Comprehensive Act for Recovery from Addiction was passed a few months ago, authorizing millions of dollars to enhance access to treatment and recovery.
  • Through our Telephone Recovery Support Services, peers have said to us, “I could not have made it without your help and support” and “Your assistance in finding me healthcare and dental care has given me such hope for a new life. Thank you so much!”
  • At our annual Rally for Recovery gatherings we have been told that we are bridging the gaps and helping to overcome obstacles.
  • We are increasing understanding and helping people overcome barriers based on responses received at our Community Listening Sessions.

We need your support to continue our effort.  Please see “Donate”.