All Recovery Meetings

support-1All Recovery Support Meetings are non-denominational based on the philosophy that people from every type of addiction have
much in common and can benefit from sharing together. These meetings offer a place where people can share their addiction recovery experiences and how recovery has changed their life.Groups are facilitated by Certified Peer Support Specialists, also known as “Recovery Coaches”all of whom are people in long-term recovery (minimum,2 years).

We hold meetings which are open to everyone, regardless of the uniqueness of their pattern or patterns of addiction. It is a way for people in all types of recovery to come together and learn from each other.

Meeting structure: We start by reading from a meditation book and discuss how the topic read has been part of our recovery experience.

Purpose Statement: These meetings offer support where people can share their addiction recovery experiences with an emphasis on the hope and healing for our recovery and how it has changed our live, regardless of the substance or behavior that is at the root of our addiction.

We believe there are solutions to help us initiate and sustain our recovery lives. This is not a therapeutic process group.  Our group focus is to have a conversation with each other and learn more about recovery from addiction.  This group is for anyone who has suffered from addiction to a substance and/or has been affected by the symptoms and/or disease of addiction, which includes family and friends.  Our goal is to achieve long-term recovery sharing what we have learned from many paths and diverse recovery-based programs.  The all recovery groups meeting is for anyone practicing “ANY WAY” they see fit to recover.  This includes anything from Medication Assisted Treatment, meditation, SMART Recovery, 12-Steps, therapy/counseling, and “on your own”.

We believe there is no wrong way to get into recovery. What you need at one point may be different from what you need at another. You may find that you need to attend multiple groups, or need to connect with the right person who can reach you. Our All Recovery Meeting (ARM) exists as an option for you. You can attend no matter what your addiction. We follow the 12 step tradition of anonymity. You don’t even have to tell us what your addiction is if you don’t want to.

We strive for progress to find healthy coping skills to support us in our health, home, purpose and community!

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