Peer-Led Support Groups

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Individuals are engaged by peers in a person-centered, strength-based approach that engenders a hoped-for increase in the individual’s intrinsic motivation to change. Peers develop a recovery/change plan and identify steps needed to achieve their goals. Individuals report weekly on their own estimation of where they are in four domains of their lives. They quantify and chart their weekly values.

These meetings incorporate an evidence-based tool called an Outcome Rating Scale (ORS). The ORS is a sheet of paper that asks a peer to give a score between 1 and 10 in 4 areas of their life for the previous week. Then an overall score is obtained. Kept in a file viewed only by the peer attending the meeting, these scores enable a peer to identify specific changes whether positive or negative based on specific validated indicators known to the peers attending.

These support groups are chaired by a peer in recovery who has been trained as a Certified Peer Support Specialist. FAVOR Pee Dee hopes to begin these meetings in the first quarter of 2017. They will be held at our office on 121 E. Cedar Street. Keep checking our Calendar of Events for more information.