Recovery Coaching

Trained recovery coaches are at the heart of FAVOR Pee Dee.  Recovery coaches are in recovery themselves, and help people principles2along the path of recovery—either before, during, after or instead of treatment. FAVOR Pee Dee requires that our Coaches have  a minimum of 2 years of uninterrupted recovery.  A  FAVOR Pee Dee Recovery Coach is someone who is interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor to people seeking or already in early recovery.

All Recovery Coaches are approved by the State of South Carolina who awards the Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) credential to those with at least 2 years of recovery and successful completion of a 40-hour course, ongoing supervision and continuing education credits.

Generally, recovery coaches assist participants with developing a personal recovery plan and solving problems directly related to recovery.  A key component of recovery management is the personal recovery plan. This plan is developed by the person looking for support, with the help and encouragement of their Recovery Coach. Recovery Coaches help the peer identify their specific issues such as housing, employment, proceeding through drug court, dealing with their probation officer, family life, health and wellness activities. Some social needs are also met by helping participants find new friends, new uses for leisure time and improving job or interviewing skills.  Recovery coaches can also help engage people who are on long lists waiting to get into treatment.  Many are lost here.

The relationship of a coach to a participant is strength-based and highly supportive rather than directive.  It differs from the role of a 12-step sponsor or professional clinical counselor.  Recovery coaches do not provide clinical services, diagnose, or provide therapy.  We help the participant find supports and network into the community where many barriers need to be overcome.