Recovery Community Center 

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A Recovery Community Center (RCC) is a recovery oriented sanctuary anchored in the heart of the community.  It also functions as a public example to the community that recovery from the disease of addiction is possible.

It exists to put a face on recovery, to build recovery capital and to serve as a physical location where FAVOR can organize the local recovery community’s ability to care. An RCC is not a treatment agency, it is not a 12 Step club, it is not a drop-in center although aspects of all of these are apparent. . It is a place where skills are shared and learned. It is a place where isolation becomes inclusion and strangers become friends.

  • An RCC will deliver peer-to-peer recovery support services using its volunteer force as the deliverers of these services.
  • An RCC is not a place for people to simply hang out, watch TV, play cards or pool and attend a daily meeting. We are not seeking to duplicate existing resources.
  • an RCC will host specific social events.
  • An RCC is not a drop-in center whose primary purpose is to refer and help people get into treatment.

Obviously, people in need of help will enter the RCC and we will do everything in our power to assist them.  Our center will be open Monday through Friday at times to be specified.

RCC’s are places where the following recovery support services are offered:

FAVOR Pee Dee looks forward to the day in the not too distant future when we will be able to open a Recovery Community Center in Florence. We are working hard at raising the necessary funds and seeking available space. Hope to see you at our Grand Opening soon!